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Questions - Answers

Why do you need DNA sperm fragmentation analysis?

Spermatic DNA fragmentation, as its name indicates, refers to breakage or lesions in the genetic material of the sperm. The larger the number of lesions, the lower will be the integrity of the genetic material and the probabilities of producing a full-term pregnancy.

Can spermorgam detect the lesions in the genetic material of sperm?

No, the seminogram evaluates other parameters of the semen sample such as the concentration of sperm, their motility or the morphology, but it does not take into account the integrity of the genetic material.

What is a PAP smear test?

Pap Test is a test to check the health of the cervix, which is the lower part of the womb. It is a safe, relatively quick, and noninvasive test.

Abnormal cells can sometimes lead to cervical cancer. These cells usually return to normal on their own but they sometimes need to be removed. This test also detects other problems with the cervix, or sexually transmitted diseases. Any of these can interfere with getting pregnant.

I am just 26 years old, how can I suffer infertility?

The older you are, the more likely you are to face infertility. However, young men and women also face infertility. Age-related infertility is only one possible cause of decreased fertility. According to statistics, 9 % of women ages 15 to 29 report difficulty getting or staying pregnant. For women ages 30 to 34, that percentage increases to 14%. 

There are more women struggling with fertility after age 35, but as you can see, almost 1 in 10 face infertility even before they reach age 30.

In which case it is necessary to do an IVF procedure? 

Not all of the couples facing infertility problems need IVF treatment. IVF requires strict indications. Most often, treatment with ART is used in the following cases: