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Trigubchak Oksana

Geneticist of the highest category

Education: Sumy State University

Faculty of Medicine.

Kharkov Medical Academy

Postgraduate Education (KhMAPO)

Internship in "Medical Genetics", department of "Clinical Genetics and Ultrasound Diagnostics" (KhMAPO), head Grechanina E.Ya. doctor honey sciences, professor, corresponding member NAMS of Ukraine.

Professional experience:

Member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Specialists in Medical and Laboratory Genetics

2000-2003 worked within the framework of the state program “Genetic Monitoring in Ukraine”,

2003-2009 Sumy City Department of Health (Sumy), a city freelance specialist with a degree in Medical Genetics. Conducted and carried out the state program “Genetic Monitoring in Ukraine for 1999-2008”

2001-2009 maternity hospital №1 in Sumy

2009 Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Junior Researcher).

2010-2011 Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Department of Maternal, Child Health and Sanatorium and Resort Services (V category, rank of civil servant).

2011-2015 "Ukrainian State Institute of Reproduction" of the National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (KMAPO) named after P.L.Shupika, “Clinic of reproductive technologies”

2011-2017 "Kiev City Center for Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine" (KMTSRPM), department of prenatal diagnosis.

Specializes and conducts:

- “Medical-genetic” counseling for families with a burdened clinical and genealogical history of the pedigree.

- “Medical-genetic” counseling (examination, laboratory diagnostics, molecular-genetic, cytogenetic) for children under 18 years of age.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), PGD — PGS — NGS

-Consulting PGD — PGS — NGS

- “Reproductive counseling of families” —planning of childbearing in the family if one of the spouses has a hereditary and chromosomal pathology (based on the results of cytogenetic and molecular genetic studies, including molecular cytogenetic).

- Clinical “management-support” of women with multiple pregnancy after assisted reproductive technologies (ART).

- “Preconceptional prophylaxis” and planning for pregnancy in a family with a pathological clinical and genealogical history of the pedigree (especially in the case of congenital malformations and chromosomal disease in a child from previous pregnancies.

- Clinical "support" of pregnancy.

-Prenatal (prenatal) diagnosis and perinatology (somatogenetic screening with syndromological analysis) using laboratory diagnostics of molecular genetic, cytogenetic.

- Clinical “management” of pregnant women with somatic malformations in the fetus during multiple pregnancy.

- Keeping a family with infertility who are preparing for assisted reproductive technologies.

-Auxiliary reproductive technologists.

Internship abroad, conferences and seminars:

2012, 2013, 2016 ASFUDS program Association pour la synergie franco-ukrainienne dans le domaine de la santé (France, Paris)

French-Ukrainian exchange and training of specialists in the health and pharmacy system: “European Hospital Pompidou”, “Clinical Center Koshen”, “Children's Clinical Center Robert Debre”.