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Medical center IGR - the leader in the field of infertility treatment, by using IVF assisted reproductive technologies we allow the majority of the clinic's patients to become parents. The IVF method is the most effective treatment of infertility, helping even in the most challenging cases.

The sooner the couple comes to the IVF clinic, the higher their chances of success. In this regard, doctors advise not to continue the treatment of infertility by other methods for more than 1.5-2 years.

In-vitro fertilization  involves several stages:

☑️Stimulating superovulation. Ovaries are stimulated with hormones (gonadotropins, agonists, antagonists) to start the maturation of the ovarian follicles with oocytes.

☑️Ovarian puncture. During this procedure, we retrieve your oocytes and transfer them to the laboratory to fertilize them with your husband's or donor's sperm.

☑️In-vitro fertilization. Embryologists transfer sperm to oocytes; however, if the sperm is not good enough for fertilization, we make one more procedure - ICSI.

☑️Embryo cultivation. The embryo is cultivated in our embryology laboratory, and the transfer to the uterus occurs only three-five days after fertilization.

☑️Transfer the embryos into the woman's uterus.

☑️Confirm the pregnancy. To confirm the pregnancy, we use ultrasound diagnostic. The heartbeat is the main confirmation of the IVF success.

In which case it is necessary to do an IVF procedure?

Not all of the couples facing infertility problems need IVF treatment. IVF requires strict indications. Most often, treatment with ART is used in the following cases:

Probability of Pregnancy

One attempt of the IVF gives the probability of pregnancy 20-45%, which is even slightly higher than the average frequency of pregnancy in a natural way. The success of the IVF program depends on the age of the couple, their health status, the quality of the medicine they used, the number and quality of the obtained embryos, and some other factors. The failure in one attempt of IVF does not mean that this method was ineffective.