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IVF treatment for female infertility

If you have undertaken a previous IVF cycle in our clinic and you decided to freeze spare embryos and store them in our clinic, you can transfer them at any time.

You won’t need to undergo further ovarian stimulation or a full IVF cycle again as we will already have your embryos on site from your previous cycle. These embryos will be thawed and assessed to check their suitability before they can be placed back into your uterus as with your previous IVF embryo transfer.

We use vitrification as one of the best freezing methods. It is immediate freezing (up to -321º Fahrenheit) that helps protect the embryos or eggs and increases their rate of survival during thawing.

The process of thawing an embryo after cryopreservation has a relatively high success rate and good chances of delivering healthy babies.

The pregnancy rates from Vitrified (frozen) embryos is as good as fresh transfers if they survive the thawing.