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Female Infertility Treatment

To determine the causes of the problems with conception, previously conducted a comprehensive examination of each patient simultaneously in several directions:

Pelvic ultrasound.

This type of study allows you to define:

Laboratory analysis.

-Determine the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

-Determining the presence of inflammation in the pelvic organs. Often it is an inflammatory disease, which is a major cause of female infertility.

-Investigate the level of the main hormones in the first and in the second phase of the menstrual cycle.

-Exclusion of immunological incompatibility between partners (postcoital test).

In addition to these diagnostic procedures, women may be appointed to other methods of research with regard to its health and reproductive abnormalities in other organs and systems.

We do not miss even the slightest chance of a pregnancy! 

Our clinic has all the necessary diagnostic equipment and the most modern laboratory, so that all investigations are carried out expeditiously and at the highest level.

Качественная диагностика и лечение женского бесплодия в клинике ИГР позволит вам стать родителями