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Donor embryos

If both partners are infertile in a couple, you can realize your dream of creating a family with the help of donor embryos. 

In cases where there are reproductive problems in both partners, or when other treatment options were unsuccessful, the couple has the opportunity to use donor embryos. In this case, donor eggs and donor sperm are used to create embryos ready for transfer to the woman’s uterus and further development, as in a natural pregnancy.

This is also a real opportunity for single women and same-sex female couples. Sometimes patients who complete the IVF cycle and store the remaining frozen embryos may donate them to treat others. 


We can help you begin this process by giving you the opportunity to view anonymous profiles of male and female donors to choose the most suitable. In case donor embryos of another pair are selected for use, anonymous profiles of the donor pair may also be transferred to you.

The identity of the donors provided by the IHR Medical Center will not be known to you; Your name or any information about you will also not be shared with donors.

The IGR Medical Center uses donors in accordance with strict criteria. This means that donor eggs are usually provided by women aged 18 to 30 years, and sperm from men aged 18 to 41 years. We carefully check donors to make sure that they don’t transmit any diseases to you or your unborn child.


We thaw the semen of the selected donor and prepare it in our laboratory immediately before fertilization with donor eggs. If frozen donor embryos are used, they will be thawed on the day of embryo transfer.

A woman may be required to take a course of medication to prepare her uterus for successful embryo implantation. The procedure is similar to that used in the traditional IVF cycle.

What will happen next?

After the embryo transfer, you will need to continue to take the medications prescribed by your reproductologist and wait 14-16 days before doing a pregnancy test. You can continue your daily activities, but we recommend that you refrain from any physical exercise and rest more often if you feel it is necessary. IGR Medical Center will confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound and blood tests.