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IFV success rate

IVF success rate 

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees during the treatment of infertility - even that the cycle will go according to plan. The likelihood of your success will depend on many factors, including the very cause of infertility, your age, weight, lifestyle and how the treatment is carried out. It also depends on how you react to these procedures, because each organism is individual and unique.

It is important to understand that not all started cycles will end with embryo transfer. In less than 5% of women, the cycle ends after the start of stimulation (inadequate response to drugs) or after puncture (lack of mature eggs / fertilization or suitable embryos)

The effectiveness of treatment in our clinic is high and on par with the best clinics in the world, so the pregnancy rate per one transfer of embryo (s) is 61%, and for women under 36 years old and patients who undergo programs with oocyte donation 73 and 75% respectively.