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Become an egg donor, surrogate mother

Ova (oocytes) donorship is one of types of extracorporal  fertilization programs. The characteristic feature of this type is the use of ova of young healthy women-donors as biological material.

Who can be an ova donor?

The ova donor can be a woman up to 35 y.o., physically and psychologically sound. The  ova donorship programme is fully anonymous. Spouses who use donor’s  ova are not entitles to see a donor’s photos, and only obtain the information on such donor’s parameters as height, weight, colour of hair and eyes, blood group and rhesus factor, marital status, children (yes, no), nationality.

It is desirable that age of the recipient (the patient using donor’s ova) was under 50 years. The ova donor is not supplied with any information on the recipient.

Indications for the use of donor’s ova are as follows:

  • natural menopause;
  • early ovaries exhaustion syndrome;
  • absence of ovaries or the condition  after radio and chemoterapy;
  • genetic diseases;
  • post-resection syndrome (the condition  after operations at  ovaries);
  • failed repeated IVF attempts at insufficient reaction of ovaries to induction of  superovulation and obtaining embryos of low quality in the IVF programme.

DO Programme consists of the following stages:

  • synchronization of donor’s and recipient’s cycles;
  • stimulation of donor’s oocytes;
  • puncture of donor’s oocytes;
  • embryologic stage (obtained oocytes are fertilized by the recipient’s husband or donor’s sperm);
  • transfer of embryos into the  recipient’s uterine cavity;
  • luteal phase support.

 Requirements for Donors