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Planning a pregnancy

As a doctor, I often hear questions from my patients regarding the optimal age for pregnancy. Many women in our country have a real fear of time, worry that they “will not have time” to give birth to a certain age. And their family and friends often add fuel to the fire, saying something like: “You are no longer a girl, it's time to give birth. Everyone has children, and you should!”

Unfortunately, nowdays this fear of being "late" often determines the decision of a woman to have a baby. However, pay attention to the statistics of European countries: in France, for example, the average age of women giving birth to their first child is 32–34 years. And this is quite normal, because the life of a modern European woman is, first of all, study, career, the desire to achieve certain social benefits, and only then the desired and planned pregnancy. That is why age should not be taken as a critical factor determining the desire of a woman to become pregnant. It is really important that both spouses are ready for a baby. 

But now the long-awaited moment has come to your family. You made an informed decision and came close to the issue of pregnancy. Where to start and what tests you need to go through to give birth to a healthy baby? Today, doctors share the concepts of coveted and planned pregnancy. The main difference is that with a planned pregnancy we are talking about the so-called pregravid preparation for conception. However, if you have not previously been examined, and simply become pregnant, and decided to leave the baby, you should be prepared for the fact that you may encounter a number of problems that can complicate the pregnancy. This is erosion of the cervix, and a variety of chronic infections, and extragenital diseases. It is much easier and safer to eliminate these pathologies before pregnancy, so it is very important to take care of your health in advance. Thus, pregravid preparation reduces the risks of complications during pregnancy, which will make it possible to endure a healthy baby.

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage in a woman’s life. Most important is that you are healthy, calm and feel good before pregnancy.

And remember: age is not an indication or contraindication to give the birth of a child. A child must be desired and expected!