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Egg donor selection

Medical Center IGR has a pool of donors for your selection. Our donor coordinator will work with you carefully to help and select a donor that matches your needs. To accept the donor to our program, we perform a full medical examination, vaginal and abdominal ultrasounds, we check their general health, genetic background, testing for diseases and physical characteristics. We accept only young and healthy donors between 20-28 years old. 

What's next?

After you decide to start the process with the donor, our coordinator will review with the desiring characteristics and will pick some profiles of donors that are currently on file for the recipient to select from matching those characteristics. 

When the donor is selected, we move forward and retrieve eggs from the donor. Then eggs are fertilized by the sperm of the recipient’s partner. And a single transfer of the 1-2 embryos is made. Any remaining embryos are frozen for the recipient’s future use.