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DNA sperm fragmentation

Sperm DNA fragmentation is one of the required sperm tests before IVF treatment in our clinic.

Why Would Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing Be Useful?

  • Provides a reliable analysis of sperm DNA integrity that may help to identify men who are at risk of subfertility
  • Provides information that helps in the clinical diagnosis, management and treatment of male fertility
  • Provides prognostic value in assessing the outcome of assisted conception treatment

What does the increased level of sperm DNA fragmentation lead to?

High levels of fragmentation (25-30% or more) can lead to fertilization abnormalty, cause poor quality embryos and cause failed IVF. The relationship between the level of sperm DNA fragmentation and an increase in the frequency of spontaneous abortions is also determined.

With increased levels of sperm DNA fragmentation, one should exclude the effect of factors that can cause fragmentation:

It is necessary to have 3-5 days of sexual abstinence, normal body temperature, .